***NOW offering online and home-based lactation support.

Nothing is more concerning and all-consuming than experiencing breastfeeding issues. While you get abundant support during pregnancy and birth, it can be difficult to find the support you need after your baby is born - and often stressful, if you are struggling to feed your baby.

I am an experienced International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) who is passionate about empowering new mothers and helping them resolve their breastfeeding concerns. I can help you address and manage the most challenging breastfeeding issues, clearing the way for the full enjoyment of your precious newborn. I will come to your home and won't leave until a breastfeeding plan that suits you and your family is in place. Help is on the way!

- Danielle Jackson

You can do it.  I can help.

Breastfeeding challenges that can be addressed in a lactation consultant home visit:

  • Why is my baby slow to gain weight?
  • What if my baby isn't gaining any weight at all?
  • How do I increase my milk supply? What is normal, as far as breast milk output goes?
  • Is breastfeeding supposed to hurt? How can I manage or adjust a painful latch?
  • What if my breasts are engorged? What can help?
  • What feeding position is best for me and my baby?
  • How do I breastfeed twins?
  • What can I do about grazed or cracked nipples? What are some methods for healing and soothing?
  • When should I start pumping if I'm returning to work? How should I store my expressed breast milk safely? How much will I need?
  • How do I understand my baby's sleep patterns and newborn behavior?
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The fee for a first-time home visit with me as your lactation consultant is $350.  Following visits are on an as needed basis, and generally a bit shorter. Prices vary depending on your needs.

Danielle Jackson ICBLC NYC


Danielle holds a Bachelor of Nursing, Postgraduate Degree in Health Science (Midwifery) from the University of Sydney, Australia, and is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).