Prenatal yoga promotes physical fitness, relaxation and a sense of wellbeing.  Feeling the connection between your body, breath, mind and baby can help you be more present and this focus can assist your labor as well.   I offer private sessions in your home.

Whether you are tired by the idea of traveling to attend a group yoga class, or you just prefer the one-on-one attention a private yoga class offers, I will listen to your needs and tailor make the class to address what you would like to work on.

Your private prenatal yoga session:

I will come to your home with yoga mats, blocks, blankets, pillows and straps. With guided movements and the power of your breath, you will strengthen and stretch.  The class is fun and meditative. We end the session by you connecting inward with your baby and relaxing.

COST:  $150 for a 1 hour class

Once you decide to work with me for a private prenatal yoga session, we set a date and time to meet at your NYC area home.  Because these are private pregnancy yoga classes, I have the ability to customize content to your unique needs. You might choose to do a single class, or a series. You are welcome to let me know your particular areas of interest so I can ensure that the class is tailored to best support your needs.

private prenatal yoga class NYC

"Yoga exercises were critical to my overall health
and the amount of time so very precious every week. This yoga class was in a category of its own."

"Comforting, strong, and informed.
I can’t think of a better person to teach the class. I don’t know how often she hears it, but she does a true service to expectant moms."

"Janet was exceptional;
she offered the balance between physical activity, mental preparedness and a safe and regular place to check in as the weeks went by."

Janet Bogardus Childbirth Educator Doula NYC


Janet Bogardus holds a BA from Sarah Lawrence College is a certified childbirth educator, labor support doula, prenatal yoga teacher, and certified lactation counselor. She has taught thousands of families over the last 14 years in the New York City area.