There are many good reasons you might want a refresher childbirth class. Perhaps you’ve been so busy with your first child you barely have had the time to focus on the birth of your next. This private refresher class for second and third time parents is a perfect chance to prepare.

In the comfort of your own home, I will give you a childbirth education class geared to your specific needs and unique interests as you grow your family.

Preparing for Another Baby with a Childbirth Refresher Class

We will collaborate on what worked well during the first labor and devise concrete strategies of things that you may want to change for the next. I bring handouts that are yours to keep and props that we will work with during the class.  We will focus on the physical and emotional preparation for vaginal delivery, ways to support healthy labor progress, and positions for labor and pushing. By the end of the class you will be relaxed and ready for the birth of your new baby. Each private prenatal refresher class includes:

  • Review your first birth(s) to identify what was helpful, and explore new strategies.
  • Review the stages and phases of labor, and learn helpful positions for labor.
  • Relaxation and breathing techniques for labor and birth.
  • When to go to the hospital, and strategies for a fast labor.
  • How to advocate for your needs during birth.
  • Breastfeeding and postpartum care tips.
  • Easing the transition as your family grows, including sibling preparation.
  • Resources and much, much more!
Childbirth Refresher Class NYC

COST:  $300 for a 2 hour class.

*If you have friends that you’d like to do the class with we can arrange for a 3-4 hour shared class at $250 / couple.


Once you decide to work with me, we set a date and time to meet at your NYC area home.  Because these are private childbirth refresher classes, I have the ability to customize content to your unique needs. You are welcome to let me know your particular areas of interest so I can ensure that the class is tailored to best support you feeling prepared to birth again and enjoy your growing family.

Janet Bogardus Childbirth Educator Doula NYC


Janet Bogardus holds a BA from Sarah Lawrence College is a certified childbirth educator, labor support doula, prenatal yoga teacher, and certified lactation counselor. She has taught thousands of family's over the last 13 years in the New York City area.