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Now offering private childbirth + baby care classes in the comfort of your home > BOOK NOW

Now offering private childbirth + baby care classes in the comfort of your home


You're nervous about being a parent and the pressures of caring for and breastfeeding your baby. That's normal! We know that learning to be a parent takes time and everyone needs support. So why not get ahead of the curve and get all the information you need before your baby is born?

With expertise, support, humor and love, Danielle will help you and your partner prepare for the caring and breastfeeding of your baby in the first few weeks of their lives.

Feeding + Baby Care Basics

Danielle will prepare you to feel confident caring for your new baby when you arrive home, including preparation for breastfeeding. She will answer all of your questions about best practices for baby care and feeding, and likely some topics you didn't anticipate! Areas covered may include:

  • The importance of skin-to-skin contact in these early days.
  • Changing diapers, normal stool patterns and frequency.
  • Baby skin care, including bathing and common skin rashes.
  • Understanding normal newborn behavior and how to swaddle and sooth your baby.
  • Learn about gentle sleep training and helping your baby develop healthy sleep habits.
  • Establishing a good start to breastfeeding and building your milk supply.
  • Common breastfeeding challenges, including flat/inverted nipples, poor latch, and milk supply.
  • Normal feeding patterns and how to know when baby is hungry.
  • Breastfeeding supplies, including nipple shields, pads, bottles and pumps.
NYC baby care breastfeeding class

COST:  $400 for a 3 hour class.

*If you have another couple that you’d like to do the class we can arrange for a 4-5 hour shared class at $300 / couple.

**Take our baby care + feeding class together with a private Lamaze childbirth class for just $700 total.


Once you decide to work with me, we set a date and time to meet at your NYC area home.  Because these are private baby care and breastfeeding classes, I have the ability to customize content to your unique needs. You are welcome to let me know your particular areas of interest so I can ensure that the class is tailored to best support you feeling prepared to care for your newborn baby.

"I worked in the family birthing center in NYC about 6 years ago with Danielle as a registered nurse and she is absolutely amazing. Her work is beautiful, kind, and an experience you and your family won’t ever forget. I would fully trust my postpartum experience to her if I were still in the NYC area! I’m excited for all the families she will continue to touch as there have been so many already!"

- Ashley (mom) (QUEENS)

Danielle Jackson ICBLC NYC


Danielle holds a Bachelor of Nursing, Postgraduate Degree in Health Science (Midwifery) from the University of Sydney, Australia, and is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).

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